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The selection skills of mortar concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:18/11/13

     The professional concrete mixer machine manufacturer suggest that you choose ready mix concrete from the following aspects.

    First of all, we should know that concrete mixer can be divided into two types according to its working principle: self-falling type concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer,periodic concrete mixer and continuous concrete mixer according to its operating mode.The selection skills of mortar concrete mixer:

    First, production planning, according to the number of annual output and choose concrete mixer equipment. When large quantities of concrete and long construction period, medium or large fixed concrete mixer should be selected. If the quantity of concrete is small and the construction period is short, it is advisable to use small and medium-sized mobile concrete mixer.

    2. According to the type of concrete designed, when mixing concrete is plastic or semi-plastic, it is advisable to choose self-loading concrete mixer. If mixing concrete is of high strength, dry hardness or light weight, the forced concrete mixer should be selected.

    loading large concrete mixer with larger capacity should be selected. When mixing concrete with high consistency and large aggregate particle size, it is advisable to choose a self-propelled concrete mixer with faster speed of mixing barrel. If the consistency is large and the aggregate size is small, the forced mixer or the conical inverted concrete mixer with medium or small capacity should be selected.

    4. It is not wise to seek the technical function of concrete mixing equipment in a cost-effective way, which will increase the unnecessary investment. But it is not advisable to seek only low investment and reduce the technical function of equipment.