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The Structure Parts Of Concrete Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:15/05/19

     Concrete pump consists of hopper, pumping system, hydraulic system, cleaning system, electrical system, electrical, walking chassis, etc.

    Institutions consists of two main cylinder, water tank, the reversing device, two concrete cylinder, piston, two concrete hopper, distributing valve (s-shaped valve), swing arm, two of swinging cylinder and discharging port.
    Pumping concrete material, in the role of the master cylinder, piston forward concrete, concrete piston back, while the swing cylinder under action, the dispensing valve cylinder 5 communicates with concrete, Mini mobile batching plant cylinder 6 communicates with the hopper. Such concrete piston 8 back, put concrete suction hopper concrete cylinders, piston 7 forward concrete, concrete cylinder concrete material into the dispensing valve is pumped out.
    When the concrete piston 8 Back to the stroke end, triggering tank commutation means reversing the master cylinder, swing cylinder while reversing, the dispensing valve cylinder communicating with the concrete, concrete cylinder in communication with the hopper, then the piston back, forward. In cycles, in order to achieve continuous pumping.
    When the anti-pump, by anti-pump operation, so in the intake stroke of concrete cylinder and a dispensing valve is communicated in a push stroke of concrete cylinder and hopper in communication, so that the concrete pipe withdraw hopper.
    Discharge operation to complete pumping system by assigning the changeover valve suction concrete and, thus dispensing valve is a key component of small concrete batching plant , which will directly affect the performance of the type of concrete pump.