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The Use Of Concrete Production Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/01/05

     The use of concrete production plant adopts the international popular quickly assembled module type structure, easy installation, compact and reasonable, cover an area smaller, higher automatic degree, widely used in bridge, construction in the country, water conservancy, electricity and other infrastructure construction.

    Wet batch plant consists of batching silo, mixing station, belt conveyor, transition units, screw conveyor, power house, control room, independent module units, installation and disassembly convenient, quickly.

    Mixing system:

    Dual-axial mixing machine, strong mixer ability, stirring evenly, quickly for all kinds of tower of concrete slump and it can achieve good mixing effect on the ratio of various mixture materials. Mixing blade, lining board adopts high chromium wear-resistant alloy materials. Outside support and the unique of the type of shaft end seal, greatly improving the service life of the host.

    Control system:

    The machine control system adopts industrial control computer. Realize the material metering station, transporting, mixing, unloading of automatic production process. With functions of real-time data processing, the system can automatic control, can also be manual operation, the operation is simple, convenient. Computer control interface simulation screen shows the whole dynamic process of station, intuitive and clear.

    Batching system:

    Batching plant is equipped with two or three bin and can be used for more than three kinds of aggregate gradation need. Loader, directly feeding are available, and each bin has a thick at the bottom of the two-stage pneumatic discharge door, cylinder accept the signal to open the door, in order to weigh hopper at the bottom of the feeding.

    Weighing system:

    Weighing system adopts special ingredients control device, with automatic compensation function head. Aggregate, cement, water and additive by separate meter control weighing, measurement accurate and reliable.

    The Advantages use of concrete production plant :

    1. Easy operation: We use industrial computer to control the whole plant both automatically and manually so that it is easy to operate the plant.we use dynamic display to show the situation of every component in operation and we could store the data and print the reports.

    2. Outstanding environment protection performance: The feeding,weighing mixing and discharging of all powder material run in closed situation,which greatly reduce negative effect of dust and noise to environment.

    3. Accurate weighing: We use all well known brand components for weighing and controlling of raw material to guarantee the accuracy and the stable working performance.

    4. Excellent mixing performance: The plant is equipped with a twin horizontal shaft mixer so that it is powerful in mixing capability.excellent in mixing quality,fast and high production rate. It should handle various proportions of mixtures such as dry hardness,semi-dry hardness,plastic and others.

    5. Excellent maintenance: There are platforms and ladders at every service and maintenance position with suffcient space to observe and operate.

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