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Tips to buy the concrete batching plants

Writer:haomei   Time:12/11/29

    When buying concrete batching plants, you should base on a number of factors and your own situation to purchase, the only way you can choose the most suitable for your own concrete batching plants, not blindly choose the best one,you should choose the most suitable for yourselves and meet your needs. because the choice is the most economical and effective.


    1. label for construction concrete performance, According to this,choose what kind of mixer. Such as water conservancy projects must be selected as mandatory mixer. In addition, you can  choose to buy batching plant and storage silos on the basis of type of mixing concrete material.


    2. Task amount of concrete construction and its duration,type of mixing concrete material,choose what specifications for mixing plant with two parameters.The general task of the set concrete for M; pouring concrete number of days for T; daily work hrs H; utilization coefficient K should be chosen mixing plant specifications X = M / T * H * K, where K is the 0.7-0.9. Should also be considered in the selection of the the finished concrete transport situation. Such as: direct pumping or vehicle transport. The vehicle transportation volume is also an important basis to determine Batching.


    3.Construction environment and construction objects.when choosing to buy concrete mixing plant,take full account of the environmental impact of construction objects and construction.In the following cases, we recommend that you should be prepared for yourselves. When casting a large amount (optional stirring required stirred for 12 hours or more), enough pieces of higher quality requirements, and no reinforcements stirring station near, it is best to select two specifications small mixing plant, or choose one main one double for machine preparation.


    4.the quality of operation personnel; Generally, small batching plant structure is relatively simple, the control system is also relatively simple. Original lower operation and maintenance requirements. The plant complex structure,high degree of automation, to requirements of the operator is much higher is also higher.So you buy mixing plant in addition to the front of several factors and you should also consider these.


    5.Formulated choice,In the general case, the manufacturer has a mature product formulation, specifications, quantities and varieties. You can make your special requirements in the Order of the products.But avoid purchasing products calling for a comprehensive, this will result in not wasted on the economy. In addition, when purchasing products in addition to the reference to the prices of different manufacturers, should also pay special attention to the preparation of a list of the different manufacturers. In addition to the above specifications, the variety and quantity of the most important the supporting parts manufacturers.