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which systems does concrete batching plant have

Writer:haomei   Time:12/11/28

    Generally speaking,a concrete batching plant is the combination of Concrete mixer, material weighing system, material handling systems, material storage system and control system and other ancillary facilities.

    1. concrete mixer
    mandatory mixer is the mainstream product that the concrete bathcing plant is using at home and abroad.It can stir fluidity, semi-rigid and other dry hard concrete. mandatory mixer especially makes use of performance of the twin-shaft compulsory mixer.

    2. material weighing system
    Material weighing systems affect concrete quality and concrete production cost of the key components, mainly divided aggregate weighing powder weighing, and Liquid weighing and three parts. Under normal circumstances, concrete batching plant use superimposed  less than 20 cubic meters per hour to weigh. aggregate (sand, stone) with a scale, cement and fly ash with a scale, water and liquid admixtures were weighed , and then the liquid additive delivery to the water mixed in advance, said hopper. concrete batching plant in more than 50 cubic meters per hour, the use of each said material independent weighing, all weighing electronic scales and microcomputer control. Aggregate weighing accuracy ≤ 2%, cement, powder, water and admixtures weighing accuracy ≤ 1%.

    3. material handling systems
    material handling systems are composed of aggregate conveying,powder conveying and liquid present,aggregate conveying,aggregate conveying,the batching plant has hopper conveyor and belt conveyor in two ways. advantages of hopper conveying are small footprint and simple structure. The advantages of belt conveying are transport distance, high-efficiency, low failure rate. The belt conveying is mainly applied to the the aggregate temporary positions in the mixing plant, to improve productivity of concrete batching plant.powder conveying,Concrete is mainly available for cement, fly ash and slag powder.Now screw conveying is commonly used for powder conveying ways. advantages of simple structure, low cost, reliable use.screw conveying has simple structure, low cost, reliable to use and so on advantages.The liquid transporting mainly refers to the water and liquid admixtures, they are conveyed by the pump.

    4. material storage system
    The concrete material storage system available is basically the same way.The aggregate piled in open air.using fully enclosed steel structure silo to store powder.using steel structure container to store admixtures.

    5. control system
    The control system of concrete batching plant is the central nervous system of the whole equipment. The control system can be configured according to the users' requirements and the size of the concrete mixing plant.Generally,the configuration of control system for small batching plant at construction site is simple,and configuration of control system for Large mixing plant is relatively complex.