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Wet Concrete Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:22/12/15

    In recent years, due to the development of country's infrastructure, not only a large number of wet concrete plant have emerged on the market, but the country and provinces and cities at all levels have also begun to promote the policy of concrete plants. So what is the significance of the comprehensive promotion of wet concrete mixing plants?


    Promoting the use of wet concrete plant is the need to save resources and energy and implement sustainable development strategies. Ready mixed concrete is a new way to develop bulk cement. According to calculations, wet mix concrete batching plant can increase the utilization rate of bulk cement by more than 60%, in addition, it can save about 10%-15% of cement, save 10% of sand and gravel, and reduce project costs by 5%. It can be seen from the introduction that the promotion of ready mixed concrete can effectively protect forest resources, save a lot of energy such as water, electricity, and coal, and relieve the huge pressure brought about by energy shortages. It has very significant economic and environmental benefits.

    The promotion of wet concrete plant is the need to protect air quality and create a good living environment. One of the main features of ready-mixed concrete is centralized mixing, from factory to use, all through special transportation equipment. On-site mixing of concrete and the use of a large amount of bagged cement, sand and gravel, etc. will cause dust pollution during the process of loading, transporting, and unpacking, which seriously affects the air quality and endangers the health of citizens. According to the measurement of the national environmental protection department, about 20% of the cement scattered due to bagging enters the atmosphere under the action of the air flow. Only this, cement dust has become the cause of urban air pollution today. Key factor. The noise of cement mixing produced at the construction site has seriously affected the normal life of the surrounding residents. Therefore, promoting the use of ready mixed concrete can not only increase the utilization rate of bulk cement, but also play a positive role in protecting the ecological environment, solving urban pollution problems, and improving the level of urban civilization.