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What are the advantages of twin shaft concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:19/05/22

     Nowadays, concrete batching plants  has become an indispensable part of urban construction. Double horizontal twin shaft concrete mixer has been used more and more common, because it can be used as the main engine of concrete batching plant, and can also be used alone.

    The working principle of the double horizontal axis concrete mixer is to use the mixing blade to impact the material in the barrel. The material rolls up and down in the barrel with circular motion. The strong mixing motion makes the material mix quickly in a short time and the mixing efficiency is high. Therefore, the double horizontal axis concrete mixer has the following advantages in work.

    The twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly used for mixing various powder materials. All kinds of powder mixing materials can be produced. Its aggregate can be wet fly ash, carbide mud, phosphogypsum, sand, slag and so on.

    The mixing quality is good. Double horizontal shaft mixer can be used to mix all kinds of plasticity, hardness, lightweight aggregate concrete and mortar. The cement mixer has streamlined design, small mixing resistance, smooth material operation, and special material mixing tools can reduce the possibility of material sticking shaft and thus low shaft holding rate.

    Long service life. The blade and liner are made of high alloy wear-resistant material, together with advanced heat treatment technology and design method. The mixing device is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials. It has strong anti-knock ability and good quality. These configurations can prolong the service life of double-horizontal axle concrete mixer.

    Easy maintenance. The double twin shaft concrete mixer in China simplifies the structure design, effectively reduces the possibility of failure, and has a novel layout, so it is convenient to use and maintain.