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What is HZS50 concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/09/04

     HZS50 concrete batching plant is a simple configuration of the HZS60 concrete mixing plant,also called ready-mixed concrete mixing plant.

    This ready-mixed concrete mixing plant use of feeding and feeding methods, and with the feed, ingredients, mixing, electrical control and structural components of semi-automatic concrete mixing plant configuration, less than the HZS60 concrete mixing plant occupies less capital, small footprint, less configuration equipment , The theoretical productivity of 50 cubic meters per hour, is the bridge construction, road engineering, construction sites, component companies ideal station equipment.
    HZS50 concrete batching plantmain configuration:
    HZS50 concrete batching plant equipped with stirring host for the JS1000 type forced mixer, batching machine model PLD1600 type (optional 2 positions / 3 positions / 4 positions), screw conveyor for the LSY273 type.

    Advantages of HZS50 ready mixed concrete mixing plant:

    1. The use of modular structure, modular unit, installation, removal is very convenient.

    2. Mixing host and aggregate to enhance the use of JS1000 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, stirring good quality and high efficiency.

    3. Aggregate ingredients using PLD1600 concrete batching machine, accurate measurement, high production efficiency.
    4. Powder using electronic scale measurement, high precision ingredients.
    5. Water with electronic scale measurement, high precision ingredients.