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What is concrete mixer machine

Writer:Admin   Time:17/11/29


    What is concrete mixer machine? In simple terms, it is a machine that mixes cement and gravel aggregate with water and mixes it into a concrete mix. Mainly by the mixing drum, feeding and discharging agencies, water supply systems, prime mover, transmission, rack and support components.

    The overall structure of a concrete mixer comprises a power mechanism connected with a transmission mechanism through a shaft and a roller driven by the transmission mechanism. A ring gear is arranged on the roller cylinder body and surrounds the roller cylinder body. Concrete mixer structure is simple and reasonable, the use of gears, gear ring meshing, can effectively overcome the rain and fog weather, the wheel between the roller and mixer skidding; transmission mechanism used to further ensure the elimination of roller and mixer drum Slipping phenomenon.

    The type of concrete mixers:

    According to the nature of the work, there are two kinds of periodic work concrete mixer and continuous work mixer;

    According to the principle of mixing, there are two kinds of self-stirring concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer;

    According to the installation method, there are fixed and mobile concrete mixer; according to the way the material points, there are tipping and non-tipping;

    According to the barrel structure of the sub-points, a pear-style, drum-type, double cone, disc twin shaft concrete mixer and circular groove horizontal shaft concrete mixer and so on.