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180m3/h stationary concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/11/10

     HZS180 concrete batching plant passes through a main control room to control all the equipment, and can unload to two concrete mixer trucks at the same time. It belongs to a large concrete batching plant and has strong production capacity, it is always used as a commercial concrete mixing plant.

    TheHZS180 concrete batching plant in 180 indicates that this station theory producing 180m fand concrete plant.

    This stationary concrete batching plant is usually deviced with JS3000 concrete mixer, mixer power is selected 110KW, as a 180m3/h stationary concrete batching plant the degree of automation is usually relatively high, equipped with four buckets of concrete batching machine. How many cement bins are needed for it, which can be chosen according to what kind of concrete the user needs.

    If you look at the area, the batching plant manufacturer will according to the different requirements of the user area, production planning device combination in different ways, the area is also not the same, so it is need to let the investigation area on-site technical personnel, and then contact the user requirements, in order to give details of the occupied area.