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The attentions of concrete truck mixer unloading

Writer:Admin   Time:17/11/13

     In the engineering construction, the concrete truck mixer can be seen everywhere.What attentions should pay attention to when it unloading?

    1, let the drum to run at full speed before discharging a minute or two.

    For concrete mixing, if necessary, you can add some water, make concrete mixing more evenly, also convenient for unloading.

    2, before you make the feeding hopper chute wet.

    Feeding when the mixer truck parked on the ground as far as possible before putting the feeding hopper chute wet, easy to clean.

    3, discharging correct operation of the operation lever, each time the jar is reversing the middle seat, it is better to stop, protect the reducer, wheel and so on.

    4, the concrete truck mixers mixing tank must be carefully rinsed.

    Washing the pot must be carefully rinsed, and the water repeatedly reversed two times, and then put it out, the last time the water tank into the jar, and then back to the station to clean the tank thoroughly with water.