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The application range of mobile batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:17/11/15

     Mobile batching plant is the traditional fixed type concrete batching plant material storage, transport, weighing, mixing, unloading and automatic control system on single unit trailer concrete mixing equipment; it is fixed and automatic batching plant all production process, operation and maintenance of the same method; at the same time with the a simple, fast and flexible, mobile storage management simple and unique advantage; it is the public railway, bridges, ports, hydropower and other engineering construction of the best models need to move.

    Portable concrete mixing plant is the best type of the mobile construction of highway, railway, bridge, port, hydropower and other projects.

    The application range of mobile batching plant:

    Mobile batching plant for Railway

    High degree of automation, high production efficiency, easy and efficient production and processing.

    Mobile batching plant for highway

    High mixing quality and short cycle time. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment in road construction.

    Mobile batching plant for bridge construction

    The three advantages make it irreplaceable in bridge construction

    Mobile batching plant for water conservancy construction

    Easy operation, smooth operation, make water conservancy construction more convenient.

    Mobile batching plant for port and terminal facilities

    A simple concrete batching plant makes the port and wharf construction easier.