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Why does the large concrete batching plant adopt belt conveyor

Writer:Admin   Time:17/11/17

     The model below HZS60 concrete batching plant belong to small concrete batching plant, it general use of hopper feeding, more than HZS60 is generally used for belt conveyor feeding, especially our large concrete batching plant is all belt conveyor for feeding.

    Why is it?

    First of all, there are two kinds of feeding system in the concrete mixing plant, one is the belt conveyor and the other is the hopper feeding.

    Large concrete batching plant using belt conveyor for loading can greatly improve our work efficiency, in addition, the belt conveyor is generally closed type, can prevent our material falling, resulting in security risks.

    The belt conveyor used in our large concrete mixing plant adopts high quality steel wire core and canvas belt, and the service life is longer. Compared with the hopper feeding, it can greatly reduce the number of maintenance, improve work efficiency. Especially our large-scale concrete batch plant, generally used as a commercial concrete mixing plant is more, so, as much as possible the production of concrete will bring us higher economic benefits.

    The belt conveyor of our concrete batching plant adopts the roller and universal shaft to adjust the belt deviation. Besides, the anti deviation device is also installed. The new technology of belt feeding machine can complete automatic adjustment and manual adjustment of two kinds of working methods, convenient for our customers to choose.

    Large concrete batching plants using belt conveyor for feeding can greatly reduce our labor costs, minus the excess labor force to work for our transportation batching plant of artificial feeding, traditional artificial feeding can not guarantee the work efficiency will increase our labor cost, so now, large concrete batching plant stand by belt conveyor to feed.