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China mobile concrete batching plant manufacturers

Writer:Admin   Time:18/10/24

     HAOMEI Machinery is a professional factory engaged in the production of mobile concrete batching plant. In the development of construction machinery construction machinery industry, we mainly provide mobile concrete mixing plant and other products for the needs of people from all over the world.

    Mobile mixing plant is an kind of concrete mixing equipment which is developed according to the actual needs of the users who need frequent shifting, short construction period and long construction line. It concentrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, unloading and automatic control system of the traditional concrete batching plant on a towing unit and is completed. The whole complete concrete batching plant has the advantages of convenient movement, flexible disassembly, simple storage and management.

    The mobile batching plant adopts the drag-and-hang design. The mixing conveyor, the mixing main engine, the weighing system, the screw conveyor and the powder silo are highly integrated into the whole structure. In order to meet the customer's demand for efficiency, functionality and compactness, the mobile mixing plant is a complete set of pre-connected equipment, which significantly reduces the installation and commissioning time of the concrete batching plants.

    The control room of the mobile mixing plant is connected with the main structure. The control cabinet and other equipment have been debugged before they leave the factory. There is no need to disassemble and connect the cable when the equipment is transferred. The gas path system is closely connected with the main structure, and there is no need for disassembly and assembly during the transition.