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Why check concrete batch plant regularly

Writer:Admin   Time:18/10/22

     Why check concrete batch plant regularly?

    Regular inspection of batching plant equipment, equipment can be found at any time the application of failure, timely maintenance, extend its service life.

    Concrete batch plant is a kind of large building equipment, and it is widely used in major projects. Due to the special application of equipment, special attention should be paid to maintenance. Regular inspection of equipment, one is to observe the application of equipment at any time, the other is if there are minor equipment problems, can be timely maintenance, which can appropriately extend the life of the equipment.

    When we inspect the concrete mixing station regularly, we need to inspect the wire rope first, put a little butter on it, guarantee the full operation of the period, if the wire rope is worn seriously, it should be replaced in time.
    Check the oil level of the gearbox, check the grease number of the thick oil pump, and replace the grease if necessary.
    The water supply system of batch plant should be kept clean at all times to avoid blockage, and the suction valve should be checked and cleaned regularly.
    All electrical and electrical components must not be loosened. Also check the contactor contacts.
    The dust in the distribution box of the concrete batching plants should be cleaned, and the limit switches must not be flooded.