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Working principle and application of different types concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:18/10/17

     The compulsory concrete mixer equipment can be divided into two types according to the number of mixing shafts, single shaft and double shaft concrete mixer. The models are JS concrete mixer and JDC concrete mixer. It is the concrete mixer equipment with good mixing efficiency and high mixing quality.

    Working Principle: Whether it is single or double horizontal concrete mixer, mixing shaft is equipped with mixing blades, mixing blades in the mixing drum rotating at high speed, can mix all kinds of materials quickly, this way is called forced mixing, that is, the origin of this type concrete mixer.

    Application of cocnrete mixer machine: JS series cocnrete mixer can be used as mixing host of various types of concrete batching plants, which can be used for both engineering and commercial purposes. JDC series concrete mixers can be used in some field projects, concrete laboratories, prefabricated concrete component manufacturers.

    Self-loading concrete mixer equipment because there is a drum also known as the drum automatic concrete mixer, is a long history of concrete mixer equipment, small-scale, easy to move.

    Working Principle: Self-loading concrete mixer equipment lifts all parts of the material to make it automatically mixed under the action of gravity, so this way is called self-dropping, which is the name of this type of mixer.

    Usage: Self-loading concrete mixer equipment is relatively cheap, but the discharge volume is small, not suitable for large projects, can be used for self-use building, small batch of concrete production and use, for the concrete strength requirements are not very high projects can be used, more economical.