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Differences between ordinary and commercial concrete plants

Writer:Admin   Time:20/08/20

      Ordinary and commercial concrete batching plants differ from each other in many ways. Such a difference derives from variation of functions of the two types of concrete plants.

      An ordinary engineering concrete mixing plant is generally built next to the construction site and is mainly used on a certain project. Generally, the configuration is relatively simple, and the concrete required for the production of this project is sufficient. The purchaser is mainly used to produce concrete for personal use. The capacity can be small or big, and a mini concrete batching plant larges falls on this group. Buyers of commercial concrete batching plants aim to sell concrete in the future. According to the different requirements of the future concrete buyers in the market, the corresponding types of concrete must be produced and supplied to customers. Therefore, in general, the configuration of commercial plants is usually more complete and automatic to meet various requirements in concrete types and production efficiency.

      In detail, the two kinds of plants have the following differences. First, different types of admixtures match different additive weighing systems, and different cement labels (whether fly ash, etc.) lead to differences in number and form of admixture scales, as well as the capacity and number of cement silos. Generally, the types of admixtures and cement labels used in general engineering plants are few, and the number of admixtures and cement warehouses is correspondingly smaller in design. Of course, this does not happen necessarily, depending on engineering needs. Second, general engineering concrete plants does not require external sealing, etc., and its structure is relatively simple; while a commercial concrete plant generally has external sealing, and customers pursue beauty and environmental protection, and the structure is relatively large. Third, in the case of the same output, the concrete batching plant price is higher because of its high configuration.