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Writer:Admin   Time:20/09/03

      How many cement silos an hzs50 concrete batching plant should be equipped with? What types of silos are the best for 50m3 concrete mixing plants?

      Number of silos for hzs50 concrete batching plants

      The number of cement bins of a 50m3 mixing station is not clearly specified, generally one or two, and there are also three. This depends on the cement label (whether fly ash, etc.), the type of admixture, the size of the cement bin, and the scale of the project.. If fly ash needs to be added to the concrete, the number of cement bins must be at least the same as the number of powders. There are also many types of cement silos depending on the storage capacity. Small ones are 30t, 50t, 80t, 100t, etc. These silos can be used with 50 concrete mixing plants. There are no specific regulations on which type of cement silo is matched with which type of small concrete mixing plant. Users can flexibly configure and select according to their own practical production needs. Concrete batching plant manufacturers usually provide a set of suitable options on the basis of understanding your needs at present and in the future.

      Types of silos for hzs50 concrete batching plants

      Horizontal cement silo: square, the bottom is supported by several legs, the discharge cone is a square cone, the silo is welded with a frame composed of corrugated cardboard and profiles, and the overall height is low. The horizontal cement silo production workshop is a complete set of production, no foundation installation on site, generally used for 50m3 mobile concrete plants.

      Vertical cement silo: suitable for bulk cement and dry fly ash. It has the characteristics of rainproof, moisture-proof and easy to use, and it is configured for the standard cement silos of 50m3 concrete batching plants.

      Assembled cement silo: also called flake cement silo, which is made into thin slices during production, which is convenient for transportation and used after assembly, especially suitable for export. However, the installation of the sheet cement silo is more complicated and the cost is higher. If you think that you choose a sheet cement silo, you must ensure that it can be installed smoothly.

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