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Features of Good Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:19/01/17

      Concrete mixing machinery is winning increasing popularity with prosperity of modern construction industry. In addition to the portable concrete mixing plant, the commercial concrete mixing plant catches on in many regions as well. Simply speaking, commercial plants are stationary plants of large yields (usually 150 cubic meters per hour and more). Owing to large scale and huge cost of a commercial plant, you will never learn more about it before purchasing it. Generally speaking, a good commercial concrete mixing plant has the following features.

      1. A good commercial plant is advanced in design, grand in outlook, convenient in installation and dismantlement, and flexible in layout to adapt construction sites of various ground shapes.

      2. It must also be equipped with an excellent concrete mixer of twin horizontal shafts. Forced mixers are able to finish mixing materials within a short period of time, boasting strong mixing force, high efficiency and even mixing quality of half dry, hard and plastic concretes.

      3. A superior commercial concrete mixing plant is featured by high end raw materials and high-tech systems. Components of both its lubricating and driving systems are imported from Germany and Italy. The hydraulic door can be adjusted in opening gap to meet discharge requirements. Mixing shafts of the cement mixer is made with anti-blocking technology which effectively prevents cement from agglomerating on the shaft. The shaft end seal adopts a unique multiple sealing structure to effectively prevent sand leakage and ensure the long-term operation of the entire mixing system. The cleaning system adopts automatic control and manual control of high-pressure water pump. Each water outlet is located directly above the stirring spindle, which improves the efficiency of mixing, increases water mist to reduce dust pollution and effectively remove cement agglomeration.

      4. As a huge plant running in the open air, a commercial concrete mixing plant must be environmental friendly. Tackling steps of all powder materials, including conveying, mixing and discharging, must be at a full closed state, which will reduce both noise and dust pollution. Adjoining parts, such as the concrete mixer cover, cement weighing silos, powder weighing silos, dust collecting pipes and the dust remover are connected and sealed safely. The mixing platform and the belt conveyor are sealed as well. Collected dust can be recycled, too.

      5. Automatic control system is crucial since the plant must be able to run continuously at an automatic state.