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Safety Rules of A Concrete Plant in Winter

Writer:Admin   Time:19/01/22

    With decrease of temperature in winter, roads become icy and the air gets drier, which makes it easier for accidents and failures to occur with a concrete plant. Therefore, you should pay special attention to both operation and maintenance of a concrete batch plant in winter.

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    Safety Rules in Operation of concrete plant in Winter   

    1. Upon the arrival of winter, the manager of a mobile concrete batching plant should make technical rules on safe production and have operators to learn and follow the rules strictly. In addition, warm-preserving materials must be prepared in advance.

    2. Protective measures should be taken to guarantee the electrical insulation and prevent wire damaging. A specialized person should always be ready to check and maintain the wire route.

    3. Construction workers should wear insulated shoes and insulated gloves to protect themselves from slipping and falling.

    4. All operators must receive training about safety rules in winter operation. They must be made to be fully aware of the importance of the rules in either operation or cooperation with others. Necessary protective items must be prepared.

    5. Owing to dry weather, it’s easier for things to catch fire in winter, so workers must be convinced that they should smoke carefully and that flammable raw materials must be kept by a specialized person.   

    The manager of a concrete plant must keep an eye on the carrying out of safety rules and make workers and operators fully aware of importance of following the rules.