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How to connect pipes for a trailer mounted concrete pump

Writer:Admin   Time:19/12/17

      A trailer concrete pump relies heavily on pipelines to transport concrete. Therefore, it’s a big task for pump operators to arrange and connect pipes correctly. It decides whether the trailer mounted pump will leak slurry or get pipe blocked during use. Appropriate connection of pipes helps to reduce pipe plugging that may occur during the transportation of the concrete. Generally, the entire process takes about an hour.

      First of all, the pipeline should be arranged according to principles of the shortest distance, the smallest elbow and the largest elbow to reduce the transportation resistance as much as possible, so as to reduce the possibility of clogging. At the outlet of the concrete pump trailer, it is not allowed to directly connect the elbow. At least 5 mm straight pipe should be connected before connecting the elbow.

      Secondly, when you need to add a pipe during the pumping process, only one can be added at a time, and the inner wall of the pipe should be lubricated with water first. The air should be exhausted, otherwise it will easily cause pipe blocking. Separation prevention devices should be installed at the outlet of vertical downward pipelines to prevent blockage.

      Again, when pumping at high levels, the length of the horizontal pipeline should generally not be less than 15% of the length of the vertical pipeline, and a pipeline stop valve should be connected in the horizontal pipeline. When the downtime exceeds 5 minutes, the shut-off valve should be closed to prevent concrete from flowing backwards and causing pipe blockage. For 90-degree bends from horizontal to vertical, the bend radius should be greater than 500 mm.

      Finally, when pumping concrete into a deep pit with a trailer concrete pump machine, the takeover method is very important, because the pump pipe vertically downward will cause the concrete to drop too much, damage and segregate, and the package will become poor. Two to three pipes are connected with a flat pipe to buffer. This method can avoid the problem of dragging the pump by pumping concrete into the deep pit.

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