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Mini mobile concrete batching plant cost calculation

Writer:Admin   Time:20/06/09

      How much does it cost to build a mini mobile concrete batching plant? According to you own strength and market demand, building a mini mobile plant entails qualification management, land lease, purchase of mixing station equipment and renting of mixing trucks and pump trucks. Generally, the annual investment of a 300,000-cubic-meter mobile plant is about 1500RMB. How much money can such a plant make in a year? To get the answer you need to learn about the pure profit of concrete in your local place.

      A set of YHZS25 concrete batching plant mobile costs about 210,000RMB. If you to purchase concrete trucks, forklifts, weighbridges, and experimental equipment, the cost will be higher. Customers can choose different types of mixing equipment according to their actual needs, but no matter which type of mini mobile plant it is, it has the characteristics of simple configuration, simple operation, small footprint and convenient movement, etc., so the initial cost is relatively small, suitable for a limited budget Customer investment. However, although the configuration of a small mobile concrete batching plant is simple, it should be complete anyway. A set of standard configuration of small mixing station includes aggregate lifting bucket machine, mixing host, batching machine, metering device, control system and other configuration components. The metering system must use high-quality sensors, butterfly valves and other electronic components. 25 stations: about 100,000, 35 stations: about 100,000 to 130,000, 50 stations: about 140,000 to 170,000, 60 stations: about 15 to 220,000, these are just a reference, depending on the needs of your configuration.

      If you need to calculate the cost of a mini mobile concrete batching plant, just contact us to tell us your specific needs, and we will give you a specific price for your reference.