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How to keep productivity of an asphalt batch mix plant

Writer:Admin   Time:20/06/02

      To keep keep productivity of an asphalt batch mix plant stable, you need pay attention to quality of raw materials, stable operation of ratio and feeding control and reasonable arrangement of vibrating screen.

      Quality of Raw Materials

      The main problem is big coarse aggregate gradation deviation. Aggregates used for asphalt mixing are processed in different stone factories that adopt different types of crushers such as hammers, jaws, punches and so on. No strict and unified standards have been made among these factories regarding production equipment like breakers, screens, etc. This leads to great deviation in specifications of the coarse aggregates. Therefore, asphalt mixing plant owners should bear in mind that never try to reduce cost by reducing raw material quality, which would cause greater loss than what you seemingly obtain.

      Ratio and Feeding Control

      Never adjust the primary mix of cold materials at will. The following two methods are not recommendable. First, adjust the supply of cold materials, so that the operation will directly change the cold The primary distribution of the material changes the gradation of the finished product. Second, adjust the feed volume of the cold silo, so that the operation will affect the hot aggregate screening efficiency, and the oil-rock ratio will also change accordingly.

      Arrangement of Vibrating Screen

      The vibrating screens of an asphalt batch mix plant must be arranged in a proper angle to keep aggregates screened fully and efficiently. The hot aggregates are screened by the vibrating screen and then enter their respective hot bins. Whether the hot aggregate can be fully screened depends on the arrangement of the vibrating screen and the length of the material flow on the screen. The arrangement of the vibrating screen is divided into a flat screen and an inclined screen. When the screen is too flat and the amount of material transferred to the screen is excessive, the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen will decrease, which leads to aggregate blocking the screen. Accumulated aggregates left on the surface side of the screen would jump into the hopper below the screen instead, eventually leading to changes of the asphalt mixture gradation and poor quality of mixed asphalt.

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