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Tips in purchasing a brick making machine concrete block

Writer:Admin   Time:20/05/12

      Most brick making machine concrete block suppliers would have a detailed communication about your specific plan in concrete brick factory building. Then they will list all possible models for your reference, together with weaknesses and strengths of each model. Here you should consider, before making a final decision, your budget, expected production scale, the supplier’s service and integrated performance of a machine. Details are followed as below.

      1. Do well in "Model Matching". Before buying a cement brick making machine, it is best to choose a suitable model based on the desired output and the size and space of the installation site. It is necessary to remind everyone that consumers should treat merchants' persuasion rationally, because many merchants will recommend some high-power models with high prices to obtain more profits, but large models may not be suitable for you.

      2. Try to avoid disconnection between installation, maintenance and sales. It is the most awkward to buy a concrete block machine: the sales volume of the cement brick machine is rising, and the customer pays a deposit. To prevent this from happening, before buying, everyone must inquire clearly about the manufacturer's situation and make sure they are prepared.

      3. Pay attention to safety and quality. See whether the design of the frame is reasonable and safe, and whether the processing technology pays attention to every detail. The concrete block brick making machine equipment produced by the small workshop is rough in appearance and the paint is not smooth, so the price is cheap. They usually pay more attention to the cheap price rather than quality.

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