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Asphalt plant batch mixing maintenance in winter

Writer:Admin   Time:20/05/07

      The maintenance task is an important part in ensuring the normal operation of an asphalt plant batch mixing. It helps to reduce the failure rate and extend service life of the plant. Extreme temperature changes in winter in not a few regions force an asphalt mixing equipment to rest until spring comes, and this period of rest proves to be a golden opportunity to make up your incomplete maintenance work in busy seasons. In particular, importance should be attached to measures protecting the plant from snows. In detail, plant engineer should follow the maintenance advice below.

      1. Bearings on the equipment that need to be lubricated regularly need to be filled with lubricating grease or covered with oil filling ports to prevent rain and snow from seeping into the bearings and causing corrosion.

      2. All motors and burners are covered with waterproof cloth to prevent snow and moisture.

      3. Prevent the asphalt mixing plant from becoming a warm shelter for rats in winter. Anti-rodent work should be done with cable ducts and control rooms, and sticky mouse boards or rodenticide should be used if necessary.

      4. The belt needs to be tensioned during production, and each belt needs to be adjusted to be loose after winter to prevent the belt from cracking or deforming due to thermal expansion and contraction.

      5. The cold silo, hot silo and dust compartments should be emptied to prevent agglomeration when they get wet.

      6. The dust collector should be dealt with the leak-proof and waterproof work after installation to prevent the cloth bag from getting wet.

      7. If it is a municipal station, production is still needed during winter, and the lubricating oil of each reducer should be replaced with the corresponding winter special oil.

      Doing good maintenance work and standardizing operations can reduce both equipment failures and unnecessary losses, and thus greatly extend the service life of an asphalt plant batch mixing and reduce operating costs. Large-scale mechanical equipment such as an asphalt mix plant 80 t h could be seriously affected by unexpected failures in production. In order to reduce the equipment failure rate and ensure the quality of asphalt aggregates, maintenance work should be attached great importance, especially annual maintenance before winter.