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Reasons for tube plugging of concrete mixer pump trailer

Writer:Admin   Time:20/04/29

      Pipe plugging keeps bugging operators of a concrete mixer pump trailer. Once the pipe blockage occurs, it not only damages the machine, but also delays the construction period, causing pipeline waste. Then what are the causes of the blockage of a mixing pump, anyway? There are five main factors.

      1. The concrete material problem is the first factor that causes the blockage of the mixing pump.

      2. Poor sealing of the pipe causes the leakage of the cement slurry, which will further lead to poor overall fluidity of the concrete. The friction will be larger, which will lead to the blockage of the concrete mixer pump.

      3. After a pumping circle is completed, the catheter might not have been cleaned according to the rules, which leads to the lack of smoothness in the catheter and causes the blockage of the mixing pump.

      4. During the first pumping of the agitator pump, the speed may have not been properly slowed down, which caused excessive friction in the pipe. The concrete stays in the pipe for such a long time that it begins to consolidate, and the pipe get plugged naturally.   5. In summer and winter when temperatures are extremely high or low, proper measures should be taken to protect the pipe of a trailer concrete pump, or else the pipe might get plugged from excessive water evaporation in summer or freezing in winter.