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hzs50 concrete batching plant price, Haomei mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:20/04/13

      The hzs50 concrete batching plant price depends mostly on its configuration. The most popular are semi-automatic, full-automatic and simple types. A set of 50m3 simple concrete mixing plant has an annual output of 60000-80000 cubic meters, equipped with pld1600 concrete batching machine and 100t cement bins. The selling price of 100t cement warehouse is about 30000 yuan. It's different according to the material and configuration you require.

      Price of semi-automatic 50 mixing plant: 180000-250000 yuan.

      Configuration scheme: It is usually composed of a JS1000 mixer, a pld1600 two-bin batching machine, one cement bin, one screw conveyor, a water weighing unit, a cement weighing unit, a control room and a semi-automatic centralized control system.

      Fully automatic 50 mixing plant price: 300000-400000 yuan

      Configuration scheme: it is composed of a JS1000 mixer, a pld1600 three bin medium gas batching machine, two cement silos, two screw conveyors, one set of water weighing unit, one set of cement and fly ash weighing unit, one set of pneumatic system, one control room and one full-automatic centralized control system.

      Price of simple 50 concrete batching plant: 150000-200000

      Configuration scheme: a JS1000 mixer and a PLD1600 two bin batching machine

      The cement bins and screw machines can be rented from bulk cement plants.

      Other cost in building an HZS50 50m3 concrete batching plant

      1. Production line, one HZS50 station, about 300000-400000 yuan;

      2. One pump truck (if there is additional demand, it can be rented or sought for attachment), two to three tank trucks (it can be rented or sought for attachment);

      3. Raw materials.   

           4. Factory building and worker's wages shall be calculated separately.