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yhzs50 mobile concrete batching plant price and annual profit

Writer:Admin   Time:20/04/07

      A yhzs50 mobile concrete batching plant price has a lot to do with its configuration. A full set of 50m3 mobile plant consists of a JS1000 concrete mixer, a PLD1600 batching machine, four sets of weighing systems for water, cement, coal ash and additives, three 100-ton cement silos equipped with 9-meter screw conveyors, a control system and a pneumatic system. If you reduce or change the units above, the price of the plant varies, too.

      As for profit, let’s take the YHZS50 mobile mixing plant that we have configured for a Filipino customer not long ago as an example. A 50m3 plant brings about 5 million yuan a year. Let ’s simply calculate: 8 hours per day The mixing cycle is calculated according to the engineering time of 300 days a year. The annual output of the HZS50 small concrete mixing plant is about 100,000 cubic meters of concrete. According to the current concrete market, the profit of each concrete is about 50-80 yuan, which is basically 5 million yuan annual profit. You can do math in the same way with your local currency.

      Of course, the profit is also related to raw material, land and labor costs. If you happen to enjoy favorable right in these factors, then congratulations, you are able to earn more than your China counterparts with a yhzs50 mobile concrete batching plant.