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hzs50 concrete batching plant parts and functions

Writer:Admin   Time:20/04/02

      HZS50 concrete batching plant parts and functions are corresponding. The parts include a JS1000 concrete mixer, a PLD1600 batching machine, 2 silos, 2 screw conveyors, a set of weighing units, a set of pneumatic units, a control room and a set of control system.

      JS1000 Concrete Mixer

      The double horizontal shaft is used to achieve strong mixing effect and even mixing. The discharging door can be opened and closed at any angle and sealed well. Imported components help to improve the structure of the mixing drum and reduce the wear of blades and lining plates. The whole mixer is featured by advanced design, compact structure, low noise and overload protection.

      PLD1600 3-hopper Batching Machine

      A PLD series concrete batching machine is composed of loading bin, frame, weighing system and electrical control system. Stones, sand and block stones are sent to the concrete mixer by a belt conveyor. The concrete mix proportion is set by the batching machine, and the concrete is mixed automatically according to the set mix proportion.

      Silo(s) and Screw Conveyor(s)

      The number of silos and screw conveyors depends on the number of powder material types. An hzs50 concrete batching plant is equipped with one or two silos. Each silo is equipped with a screw conveyor. The cement tank body is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position and quantity of materials. The detachable bottom device can eliminate the setting blockage caused by material deposition; it can also quickly remove the objects accidentally falling into the tank. A screw conveyor transports materials to various positions.

      Weighing Units

      The mixing water of 50 mixing station is pumped by water pump and sent to the mixing drum through water meter and pipeline. A water meter is used to measure the water consumption. When the specified water quantity is reached, the water pump stops supplying water. The powder weighing refers to weighing cement, mineral powder, fly ash and other powders. The bottom of the cement bin is equipped with a gate and a feeder, which are connected with the screw conveyor, and the cement is transported to the cement weighing hopper by the screw conveyor for weighing.

      Other Units

      This includes set of pneumatic system, a control room and a fully automatic centralized control system, etc.   It’s worth mentioning that these are the parts and functions of a fully automatic set of 50m3 concrete batching plant. Semi-automatic plants exclude pneumatic system, and simple plants consist of only a concrete mixer and a 2-hopper PLD1600 batching machine.