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Mini mobile concrete batching plant price in China

Writer:Admin   Time:19/09/05

      With stricter and stricter environmental rules, the mini mobile batching plant has become a celebrity for the concrete mixing industry instead of the traditionally polluted small and medium-sized mixing station. In the past months, not a few clients asked about the mini mobile batching plant price, and they were eager to know whether it would cost more than their budget.

      Before learning the price of a mini mobile batching plant, let’s have a brief introduction to factors influencing the price of a concrete batching plant. The first is capacity. The larger the capacity, the higher the price. The capacity of a mini mobile plant is usually 25m3 or 35m3. The second is control mode, including full automatic, semi-automatic and even manual. The last is manufacturing cost that varies from supplier to supplier, for the cost is related to raw material quality, processing level and labor costs.

      A mini mobile concrete mixing plant can be used for small amount of engineering, long engineering lines and concrete mixing stations in townships and rural areas. With its maneuverability, it can be moved flexibly by tractors, eliminating the need for the construction of the mixing station foundation, saving not only the construction period but also the cost of the project. In addition, it’s profitable to invest in mini mobile plants for either renting or using, therefore, high demand in the small and medium-scale concrete market serves as a key drive to the mini mobile batching plant price. The mobile mixing plant has a variety of small production capacities, ranging from YHZS25 to YHZS60 mobile concrete mixing plants, which can meet the requirements of users of different production scales. In addition to the vehicle-mounted forced mobile mixing station, the Haomei mobile mixing station also has a cost-effective vehicle-mounted drum-type mobile mixing station. The production capacity also has various specifications for users to choose to purchase.