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11 maintaining tips for trailer mounted concrete pump for sale

Writer:Admin   Time:19/09/10

      The length of the service life of a trailer mounted concrete pump for sale is closely related to the usual maintenance methods. Here we share 11 maintaining tips for trailer concrete pumps.

      1. Always check the oil level and oil quality of the hydraulic oil. The oil should be light and transparent, and there is no emulsification or turbidity. Otherwise, it should be replaced.

      2. Fill up the grease and fill the tank after emptying.

      3. Check the piston of the trailer mounted concrete pump. The piston should be well sealed and no mortar will penetrate into the water tank.

      4. Check the cutting ring and the glasses plate. The gap should be no more than 2L.

      5. Check the working condition of the lubrication system. It should be able to see that the progressive oil separator indicator rod moves back and forth. The lubrication point of the S tube swing arm end bearing position and the stirring shaft bearing position should be slightly overflowed.

      6. Check if the function of each electrical component is normal.

      7. Check whether the distribution valve is reversing and whether the stirring device is working properly.

      8. Check the outside of the cooler. If there is dirt, it should be cleaned immediately, otherwise it will cause the oil temperature to overheat.

      9. Check the vacuum gauge indication of the trailer concrete pump, it should be within the green area, it is strictly prohibited to exceed 0.04. Generally, the vacuum of oil absorption should be less than 0.02Mpa, and the value of vacuum of return oil pressure should be less than 0.35Mpa.

      10. Check the degree of wear of the concrete pipeline by tapping, and check whether the joints of each pipeline are sealed and good.