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Practical productivity of hzs35 concrete batching plant

Writer:Admin   Time:21/06/08

      An hzs35 concrete batching plant is a popular model for simple concrete mixing plants. The configuration consists of a batching machine, a concrete mixer, a centralized weighing system and a bucket feeder. The theoretical production capacity of the plant is 35m³/h. Given the condition that few managers are able to manage the plant in an ideal way, the actual productivity of the plant is only about 25m³/h.

      However, there are ways to improve the figure. Reasonable management of a plant helps to raise the productivity greatly. To do this you are advised to follow steps below.

      1. Equip the plant with sufficient concrete mixer trucks (1.2 times of that needed) according to the capacity of the plant, the delivery distance of concrete and the road conditions.

      2. Stick to the maintenance rules of the hzs35 concrete batching plant daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and annually. This will help to keep the plant in the best state, ready for production any time.

      3. Pay special attention to the storage of aggregates, sand and other powders. And the raw materials must be sufficient in stock, 2 times of the productivity.

      4. Hire an experienced manager, unless you can do it by yourself. A good manager has both the plant and the staff working in the best possible state, which reduces cost in raw materials, maintenance and labor work.

      Sounds simple? Just do it without slacking off.