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hzs60 concrete batching plant price

Writer:Admin   Time:21/06/22

      An hzs60 concrete batching plant is a stationary concrete production line with a capacity of 60m3 per hour. Its price ranges from $80000 to $250000, depending on the specific configuration you need.

      The standard configuration of  a hzs60 concrete batching plant is relatively stable in form: a JS1000 concrete mixer, a PLD1600 concrete batching machine with a capacity of 1600L, two or three cement silos of 50-ton or 100-ton, screw conveyors of 80t/h, weighing systems for aggregates, water, cement and additives, a belt conveyor, and a control system. In detail, however, each of these can be different in price as well as brand. The price for the concrete mixer can be relatively stable, under the condition that you use our own JS1000 concrete mixer. If you need to change brands or models, the price would be different. The number of cement silos influence the price, too. The accuracy level of the weighing system, and the brands of the sensing elements have a big influence on the price of the control system. And there are three types of control forms: manual, semi-automatic and full automatic. Each has its own price level.

      If you need the price to be lower, we can manage that, too. But the configuration need to be changed. What we are trying to do is to meet the clients’ practical needs and supply the most cost efficient plants. Therefore, to get a price you need to check configuration with us first. We need to learn your budget, concrete volume needed per day or month (for commercial plants), the volume and time period of your project (for construction projects), the flooring area you have prepared for the plant, your local labor cost and so on, in order to design the best configuration for you. Therefore, you need to contact us or any other suppliers first before getting a price for an hzs60 concrete batching plant.