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Silo equipping of a concrete batching and mixing plant

Writer:Admin   Time:21/06/28

    The silo equipping of a concrete batching and mixing plant entails number and capacity of cement silos, which has a lot to do with the capacity of material types of a plant.

    Stationary concrete batching and mixing plants

    The general equipping of cement silos for a stationary concrete mixing plant is: 2 cement silos, 1 fly ash silo, and 1 slag silo. The usual capacities for silos are 50 tons and 100 tons.

    A stationary plant less than 50m3 per hour usually has 2 or 3 cement silos of 100 tons. Those above 50m3 per hour depends on the specific situation. 60m3 and 70m3 plants can have only 2 100-ton silos, 90m3 three silos, and 120m3 four. Of course, the number and capacity of silos can be adjusted according to your practical needs. Generally, the types of admixtures and cement labels used in general engineering plants are few, and the number of admixtures and cement warehouses is correspondingly smaller in the design.

    Mobile concrete batching and mixing plants

    Model: Choose a small cement silo for a mobile concrete batching plant. A large cement silo will take a lot of time to stand up. Generally, a 30t cement silo can meet the needs of projects by a mobile concrete mixing plant.

    Style: Integrated cement silos are recommended. Do not choose a fragmented (flaky) cement silo, which is easy to transport, but takes a long time to install, consumes a lot of manpower, extends the construction period, and does not meet the characteristics of quick and convenient use of mobile mixing plants.

    Classification of flaky cement silos Spiral sheet cement silo

    The pieces are linked by steel plates folded layer by layer. Its structure determines that the steel plate must be thin. It is only suitable for storage of materials under 5,000 tons and has a short service life. Due to its good air-tightness, it can store various powdery substances such as cement, fly ash, and grain. Welded sheet cement silo: It consists of welded steel plates. Compared with spiral cement silo, it has better air-tightness, a longer life and a larger storage capacity. It can store 5000-100000 tons per unit, which is a large-scale storage tool of cement, fly ash and other powder materials for stationary concrete batching and mixing plant.