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hzs25 concrete batching plant configuration

Writer:Admin   Time:21/07/06

      HZS25 is the most commonly used model of concrete batching plants in engineering projects, and it produces 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour. The configuration of HZS25 concrete batching plant falls on three types: simple, standard and top. Simple hzs25 plants consists of only a concrete mixer and a batching machine, while standard ones has extra devices like weighing system, cement silos, control system etc. The price varies, too.

      A simple HZS25 concrete batching plant is also called a small or mini 25m3 concrete batching plant. Its configuration includes a JS500 mixer and a PLD800 batching machine. It is the simplest 25 station. Equipped with a water tank, etc., which is convenient and fast, has a small area and low investment cost. This is the cheapest type in price.

      The main configuration of the standard HZS25 concrete mixing plant includes a JS500 compulsory mixer, a PLD800 batching machine, 1 100t cement silo, 1 219 screw, weighing system, electric control system, and electrical system. The whole set of equipment has a small footprint and low investment cost, which can be applied to most general-scale engineering projects. The price is higher than simple plants.

      The configuration of the quotation list of the first-class small concrete mixing plant includes a JS500 mixer, a PLD800 batching machine, an additional cement scale of 0.3 cubic meters, a water scale of 0.2 cubic meters, an additive scale of 0.05 cubic meters, a 3KW air compressor, 2 There are 100 cement warehouses, 2 LSY219 screw conveyors, 1 computer control system, and 1 control room.

      There will be slight fluctuations in prices for different configurations. And which type you need should be decided based on careful study of your practical needs.