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What is twin shaft concrete mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:17/09/07

     Twin shaft concrete mixer mainly deciced by the chassis, screw shaft assembly, drive device, piping, cover, chain cover and other components.

    The twin shaft concrete mixer utilizes the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical screw shafts, while stirring the powdered material such as dry ash with water, uniformly wetting the dry powdery powder material so that the humidified material does not take dry ash and does not bleed. The purpose of water droplets, so as to facilitate humidification ash loading or transport to other transportation equipment.

    1, the concrete mixer shell is mainly composed of plate and steel structure, welding inside the factory, and together with other parts, is double shaft concrete mixer support.Shell sealed tight, there will be no fly ash in public, ash leakage phenomenon.

    2, the screw shaft assembly is the main component of the twin shaft concrete mixer, its components are mainly around the screw shaft, bearing, bearing sets, bearing covers, gears, sprockets, oil cups, blades and other parts.

    Rotary screw shaft manufacturing requirements of high precision, good performance, and bearing, bearing sets, bearing cover with strict requirements. Gear modulus is 8, the number of teeth is 60, the tooth angle is 20 °; sprocket pitch is 50.8, the number of teeth is 25, the tooth shape is GB1224-85. Gears, sprockets have a protective cover, you can safely and effectively run. Oil cups for the pressure of pressure injection cup, filling lubricants convenient and effective. The material of the biaxial mixer blade is made of composite ceramic which is wear resistant and easy to stick. Leaf structure design is reasonable and simple, easy to replace after wear, long service life.

    3, cover plate, the middle cover cover mainly includes left or right, hole cover and manhole cover plate.Double shaft mixer Settings on both sides were six manhole, to facilitate the operator at ordinary times repair and maintenance.Double shaft mixer used in pneumatic conveying end.

    4, add water, humidity piping mainly by the takeover, joints and nozzles. The nozzle is made of stainless steel atomization cone nozzle, arranged in the cement mixer inside the top of the shell, along the axial direction of the axial axis, the formation of curtains to facilitate the material humidification and mixing. Nozzle structure is simple, easy to replace, stainless steel, corrosion and durable. The moisture content of the wet ash can be adjusted by operating the manual control valve on the supply line.