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Maintenance of the batch plant in three steps

Writer:Admin   Time:17/09/11

     Batching plant manufacturer tell you how to use three steps to maintain the batch plant?

    First of all, to strengthen the inspection of concrete batching plant parts maintenance on a regular basis.
    Concrete batching plants is made up of batching system, measuring system, mixing system and control system, mixing system. In particular, for the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant plays a key role particularly.In front of the computer, the staff on duty to check in advance all the key parts of the machine, trouble-free operation.
    Second, do a good job on the concrete mixing plant spare parts spare work, concrete mixing plant running for some time, one of the wearing parts due to long-term work and easy to damage, like the mixer liner, leaves and so on. It is recommended that users from the original manufacturer where there are some wearing parts, so that you can effectively deal with the work of the failure to improve the efficiency of the entire batching plant.
    Finally, in the operation of the batching plant, be sure to strictly in accordance with the instructions to operate, prohibit unauthorized operation, to avoid some unnecessary trouble. After the work of the concrete mixing plant, the material in the silo of each system should be cleaned and then cut off the total power supply, which can also effectively extend the service life of the batch plant.