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Affect The Development Of The Real Estate Industry For Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/07

     Continue to accelerate the pace of urbanization and industrialization, along with our country real estate industry will still become a key industry in the development of economy, the effect of concrete machinery such as concrete mixing plant industry will also continue.

    Cic advisory machinery industry researcher pointed out that the concrete machinery is mainly used in infrastructure and real estate in the field of construction, so the real estate industry has become one of the important factors to promote the growth of concrete machinery industry to achieve.As the next few years, the real estate industry continues to prosper, to long-term positive concrete machinery industry development in our country.
    From real estate construction equipment needed, the concrete pump machinery, trailer pump, concrete mixer truck, concrete mixing plant, bulk trucks and other equipment, are closely related to the construction and real estate. Because in the real estate construction, from the first to the concrete mixing to transport, high-rise after delivery and then, all need to be applied to a large number of concrete machinery, so to a large extent, the prosperity of the real estate industry to determine the demand for concrete machinery industry .
    From the business point of view the impact on domestic prosperity real estate industry is expected to benefit from the first, it is the home of several major concrete construction machinery manufacturers. Because the real estate industry applied to the concrete machinery, the greatest demand for concrete pump varieties, and in the concrete pump truck, Zoomlion (000157, stock it), Sany Heavy Industry (600031, stock it), Liaoning Heino Anhui star horse, Shanghai Pu Ismail Manchester five companies, production accounted for 95% of the entire industry.
    On the whole, the real estate industry to support high degree of prosperity concrete machinery to develop the long-term plays an active role, but does not represent in every breed can get a better profit. In areas such as belt type concrete batching plant , due to low barriers to entry, many domestic manufacturers, competition, price wars became a major competitive way, has made the whole industry gross margin remained at a lower position.