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What Is The Role Of The Concrete Batching Plants?

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/08

     What is the mission of concrete batching plants?

    The cement concrete mixing station, thickness of aggregate, water, admixture and additive, etc., according to a certain mixing proportion of batch plant into a plastic state.Generally by the storage, loading, batching and weighing, mixing, discharge and other facilities.Divided into three types:
    1, stationary mixing station, process flow often adopted ChanJie type, raw material an ascension to the top, and then by the weight of order discharged into the lower each working procedure, its characteristic is high yield, high efficiency, covers an area of less.
    2, Belt type mixing station, installation process often adopts double cascade, first the raw material up to the storage bin, after weighing up to the mixer again, its characteristic is convenient demolition.
    3, the mobile station, mixing machine, feeding machine, bench and bin facilities are sui generis, can drag or loading transfer, mobile and flexible.
    Batching plant manufacturer is a joint unit to concentrate mixed concrete, precast concrete, also known as field. Because of its mechanization, high degree of automation, so productivity is high, and to ensure the quality of concrete and cement savings, commonly used in concrete engineering capacity, long duration, the site focused on large and medium-sized water conservancy, electricity, bridges and other projects. With the development of the municipal building, the use of centralized mixing, provides commercial concrete mixing plant  has a lot of advantages, which have developed rapidly, and for the promotion of Concrete Pumping achieve mixing, transport, pouring machinery to create conditions for joint operations.