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Three Common Maintenance Problems For Concrete Mixer

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/09

     (A) human reason, concrete blender price mechanical wear and tear.Concrete mixer for micro vibration, sliding, impact wear, abrasion, erosion, etc.The electromagnetic brake is not reliable, fault occurs frequently.

    1. The human factor, maintenance personnel need to clean house, often stop to adjust the brake clearance workers Labour, affect the construction schedule, the production efficiency is low.
    2. Because there was no closed cover, due to the dust, vibration, too full or partial loading hopper on aggregate spill caused by leakage, cement, sand filling brake clearance, brake skid, the brake plate of premature failure.When sand dust too much, the brake gap, motor is braking state run, running resistance increase, make the motor overload.
    3. The silicon rectifying element is blocked, lured by the overload and armature current is too large and instantaneous large current shock or burned circuit.If not find fault in time, hopper dangerous operation, safety not guaranteed.
    4. The electromagnet polluted dirty make less attractive, separation of brake disc is not complete, speed up the wear and tear;The brake clearance is not easy to adjust, the gap is too big, not the brake, when hopper upside midway stop operation, because of brake failure, hopper loaded with reverse speed down to hit fall in the foundation pit, a serious threat to the surrounding feeding homework personnel;Gap is too small, intensifying brake disc wear, and increase the service life of the motion resistance reduce hoisting overload.
    (B) the screen problem for concrete mixer
    1. The use of less expensive to produce shoddy ordinary steel mesh, mesh is not due to wear, edging angle inaccurate, resulting in the use of short cycle, seriously affect the normal operation of the unit, resulting in downtime affecting production.
    2. No reasonable choice shaker screen mesh size. Some units are not reasonable choice vibrating mesh sieve mesh size, it will happen stone particle size is too small, sifting rate, good stone heating return, and yield, resulting in waste of energy.
    Therefore, whether imported or domestic, whether computerized or manual operation mixer, blender if you do not pay attention to the shaker screen quality and reasonable size steel mesh sieve and not pay attention to the mounting accuracy screen, then choose again advanced mixer, mixing a high yield and quality is difficult to mix.
    (C) Other issues
    Such as cement mixer running slide hopper installation adjustment inevitably bad, with heavy-duty shocks, oppression, so that the linear slide is too low and there is bending phenomenon, exacerbated hopper upside resistance makes hoist overload, but also caused the early damage and other problems.