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The Operation Guideliness Of The Concrete Mixing Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/10

    Concrete mixing plant production organization is reasonable, how to improve the efficiency of production, mainly reflected in the batching plant production scheduling the level of business.

    1, before concrete pouring, the construction unit will be signed by the total package units recognition of the concrete mixing application form for 48 hours in advance to my unit operation department, my unit according to the application form reasonable arrangement, as far as possible to avoid concrete mixing transit time conflict, to ensure the supply of the construction period of concrete.Casting application form shall indicate the casting unit, pouring location, time, amount of concrete pouring.The amount must be calculated accurately, actual JiaoZhuLiang electronic pounds display shall prevail.Because the calculation errors or the volume of waste causes of profit and loss, shall be borne by the construction unit of the consequences.
    2, concrete mixing station personnel shall fill in the  mixing records, in accordance with the provisions, concrete block, lien and abnormal situation timely report to the full-time engineer, in order to timely adjust.
    3, management, the production department to do a good job of concrete production arrangement, respectively maximize production capacity, two stand two station construction site has a site cooperate command vehicle scheduling, keep in touch with on-site, ensure the whole process of concrete supply and transport.
    4, prior to the construction of production, production and management should be coordinated on-site investigation Party, should the situation on the construction site of tanker drivers were correspondent, and in pre-production on all production personnel quality and safety tests, and make a record.
    5, small concrete batching plant  should be verified prior to production material supply, supply personnel to ensure the quality and stability of raw materials, raw materials should be on-site sampling approach, sent to a laboratory for review, qualified before use.
    6, in the pre-production deal with all the mixing equipment, vehicles and other inspection, maintenance, so that ensure continuous operation. Mixing station staff should be prepared to work in various parts of the production process in advance. Develop a sudden case of the production process of contingency plans, including vehicles, mixing equipment failure emergency measures.
    7, in the pre-production of belt type concrete batching plant console must be measured and checked ,, mixers, loaders and other equipment for a full range of inspection, maintenance, to ensure continuous operation and accurate measurement of the mechanical equipment.
    8, arrive early scene scheduling the construction site, with the construction side of the vehicle at the scene, dispatch cooperate with the station, adjust the grid spacing to ensure continuous casting site, and do not drive too much pressure.
    9, asked the driver after the shift, take the first car in front of concrete, reverse mixing tank, avoid brush mixer trucks did not pour water net. Followed by concrete chute can be washed, but not the water into the mixing tank.