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Automatic Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:21/08/09

     Concrete automatic batching plant includes twin-shaft mixer, batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, conveyor belt and computer control room. It adopts JS series double-shaft forced concrete mixer, which is a compulsory and high-efficiency equipment. In recent years, the competition in the concrete batching plant market has become more fierce. In order to adapt to the development of the times, Haomei Machinery adopts a fully automatic control system to improve the overall advantages of the concrete batching plant equipment, which has been unanimously recognized by users. The following introduces what are the advantages of the concrete mixing plant automatic control system.

    automatic batching plant

    First of all, the operability is simple. After the installation and debugging by the technicians, the staff can get up quickly. The computer can automatically complete all the batching processes and print in real time. It has high safety factor, reliable operation, compact structure, high safety factor, convenient maintenance, and mixing. The module structure is adopted between the various parts of the automatic batching plant control system, and the contact connection, inspection and maintenance are very convenient. And the practicability is very strong, the system has three types of control methods: automatic, manual in the instrument room, and manual on-site. And the function becomes powerful. The fully automatic control system of concrete batching plant has multiple formula storage, recall, modification, printing, screen display, query and other functions, which can display switch input, output status, scale value, drop, control parameters, time, etc.

    The full-automatic control system of concrete automatic batching plant is to ensure the reliable operation of the system, fewer failures, and convenient operation and maintenance. When selecting equipment, select equipment that has proven stable and reliable performance after long-term inspection to adapt to the harsh environment of the industrial site and ensure the reliable operation of the system.