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Batching Machine Breakdown Analysis Of Small Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/06/28

     In business mixed batch concrete plants production, the batching machine is to provide the equipment of raw material, its production is good or bad, finally has a close relationship with the quality of the finished product, and for the influence of the production equipment is very big.

    The first step in looking for the root of the reason, why there is automatic concrete batching plant machine weighing inaccuracies of this phenomenon, caused by inaccurate weighing reasons are: no removal of the weighing system is fixed to the frame between the spiral; sensor failure ; suspension system failure. Just probably know where the root cause, then we can check this one, should the bolts are not fixed, they dismantle reseat or replace this bolt after bolt! Faulty sensor is relatively more, such as sensor drift, which requires re-calibration at the weighing system; if sensor input and output resistance to change on the note is lead solder terminals or off, you need to check these parts for maintenance ; a series circuit between the sensor and the control instrument off will also affect the accuracy of the weighing, this time you need to check the line between them; if the sensor is damaged will need to be replaced with new sensors; sensor tightness will lead to poor chip damp, then also affect the accuracy of concrete batching machine, be sure to regularly check the sensor. This problem can easily be solved.
    However, generally small concrete batching plant machine precision inaccurate problem, should ask professional guidance, even if you find the root cause and solve, maybe professional technicians to confirm again, so if continue to production, may cause the late concrete quality is not accurate, so that losses alone.