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How To Improve The Economic Benefits Of Concrete Mixer Production?

Writer:Admin   Time:15/06/30

     In order to strengthen the management of concrete mixer accessories, need to set up special spare parts warehouse, shall be the responsibility of the personnel management, reasonable reserve on accessories.

    Old models of concrete mixer on low productivity, high energy mixer equipment promptly eliminated and replaced with advanced structure, technically sound, high efficiency, good performance, low power consumption concrete mixer equipment. In concrete mixer management in order to accelerate the company's transformation and equipment renewal, improve concrete mixer production sector initiative and economic benefits, as a business should shorten the depreciation period, improve equipment depreciation rate, can be determined according to the amount of production of concrete life. Such as mixer 8 years, 6 years of concrete pumps, truck five years and so on.
    JS750 Concrete mixer parts management should further investigate, understand and statistics relevant to models, easy to wear, easy to count the bad parts, and require technical personnel to provide this information in order to achieve a reasonable reserve.