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Batching Plant Sicoma Wet Mix

Writer:Admin   Time:23/04/26

    The batching plant sicoma wet mix equipment design focuses on humanization, high production efficiency, high quality of key accessories, stable quality, low investment, simple maintenance and convenient operation.

    batching plant sicoma wet mix

    If the concrete mixing time is too long, the power of the concrete mixer will be reduced, and if the concrete mixing time is short, the quality of the concrete will be reduced, so what is the appropriate mixing time? We know that there are two types of concrete mixers: self-lowering type and forced type. The main reason for the two types of concrete mixers is that the mixing times are very different. The reason why the sales of forced concrete mixers have been high in recent years is that the mixing effect will be faster and better. The forced concrete mixer is designed for fast mixing of concrete, when mixing concrete, not only the mixing time but also the operating power should be considered. When mixing concrete, some batch plants will want to increase the output value. In addition to internships, workers will also try to speed up production, so they need to mix less and spend less time. According to the confirmation of most concrete batching plant manufacturers, mixing for 2 minutes is better, and some manufacturers' instructions show that the time is relatively short, which is just to show that their concrete mixer performance is good. Because the time of contacting the mixture is much less than the time of chemical reaction, long stirring time must be better than short stirring time. In summary, different mixing times can be used for trial mixing. Because the long one is definitely better than the short one, but in practice, the short one is simpler and acceptable to workers or users. So, you have to find a balance. Stirring for too long makes no sense. Insufficient mixing time will also affect the quality.

    In addition, the water content of the gravel in the concrete is also a factor that affects the mixing time of the batching plant sicoma wet mix. Material is dry in summer, it is recommended to stir for a long time, and the material has a water absorption process. When the material is wet, the mixing time can be shorter than that of concrete.