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Concrete Boom Pumps For Sale

Writer:Admin   Time:23/05/11

    The concrete boom pumps for sale adopts a flexible RZ boom design, which has a wide range of material distribution, good power performance and low fuel consumption. The concrete boom pump truck manufactured by Haomei Machinery adopts imported high-strength alloy plates, non-destructive testing of welds, and reliable structure. The boom length of Haomei concrete pump truck range from 24-56m.


    How does the concrete boom pump truck deliver concrete to floors tens of meters high? First, the concrete mixer truck pours the concrete into the hopper of the concrete pump truck. There are two hydraulic cylinders at the bottom of the hopper in concrete boom pump, each of which has a piston, which reciprocates alternately. When the piston moves backward, the concrete is pushed into the cylinder and pushed forward. It's time for the concrete to be pushed out. There is a distribution valve in the middle of the two cylinder ports. It swings left and right and is connected to the left or right cylinder port. When it is connected to the cylinder port, the concrete in the cylinder is just pushed outward, and the push distribution valve finally enters the pipeline to be transported to the operating point, so the concrete is pushed up by two pistons in turn. Today's buildings are getting taller and taller, and some water conservancy dams are hundreds of meters high. Concrete is an important material for these buildings. To send concrete to the sky above a hundred meters requires super-powerful, high-strength pumping equipment. Use high-strength concrete with good pumpability.

    Therefore, the price of concrete boom pumps for sale is very expensive. The current mainstream concrete boom pump trucks can generally be estimated according to the length of the boom, which is about 20,000 to 25,000 per meter. For example, the price of a 56-meter concrete boom pump truck is about 1 million ~1.2 million. As for the concrete pump truck with a boom of 70 to 80 meters, it is more expensive, and the price is estimated to be tens of millions.