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Concrete Batching Plant Working Process

Writer:Admin   Time:23/05/18

    Concrete mixing plant is a kind of equipment for producing concrete. The concrete batching plant working process is to mix various raw materials (cement, sand, stone, water, etc.) in a certain proportion to make the required concrete.

    Concrete batching plants are divided into various types and specifications according to different purposes, such as: commercial ready mix concrete plants, engineering concrete batching plants, simple concrete mixing plants, environmental protection concrete mixing plants, etc. The concrete sand ratio of concrete batching plant varies from one construction project to another, but the concrete batching plant working process is the same.

    concrete batching plant working process

    Specifically, the concrete batching plant working process generally includes the following steps:
    1.Feeding: The raw materials (cement, sand, stone, etc.) to be used are weighed by the metering device and added to the concrete mixer according to the set ratio.
    2.Mixing: In the concrete mixer, the raw materials are mixed with water, fully mixed and crushed by the high-speed rotating mixing blades, so that the concrete is uniform.
    3.. Transportation: While the concrete mixer is mixing, it will transport the mixed concrete to the concrete transport truck, so that the concrete can be transported to the construction site.
    4. Unloading: After the concrete transport vehicle is transported to the construction site, the concrete is unloaded from the vehicle through the hydraulic unloading system.

    It should be noted that the concrete batching plant working process may be slightly different according to the specific equipment model, usage and other factors, but the overall principle is based on the above steps.