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Briefly Introduce To Concrete Pump

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/14

     1. The use of concrete pump 

     Pump truck is equipped with a concrete pump and the transporting pipe, pumping and pouring concrete to make use of these devices of special vehicles.Also known as the mixer truck.
    Concrete mixer truck can use its radius of pump concrete pumping to homework within 650 meters, 150 meters below the use of the site.Especially in the field of high-rise buildings, pump  with its unique performance and got rapid development and widely used.
    2. The classification of the trailer concrete pump
    According to the concrete mixer truck vehicle type is divided into two kinds of vehicular and pull-type.Truck-mounted concrete mixer truck, is the work device of the equipment on its basic vehicle chassis, has advantages of good maneuverability, applicable to the construction site is more, smaller workload homework;Pull-type batch plant, it is in ordinary trailer chassis or specially designed trailer chassis work device of the equipment, possesses the advantages of simple structure, low cost, suitable for large engineering construction site concentration.
    According to the concrete boom pump type, has two kinds of extrusion type and piston.Extrusion type concrete pump is the use of roller rolling extrusion rubber hose, suction and pumping concrete;Piston plant is to use a piston reciprocating motion in the cylinder to inhale and pumping concrete.The former, simple structure, low cost, easy to use;The latter, the use of high performance, high pumping height, long distance, maximum transmission of up to 150 meters high, wide application.