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The Energy Saving Effect On Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/15

     1, integrated system with the integration of a complete set of mobile concrete batching plant installation form, eliminates the fission components and complex site infrastructure installation operation, reduce consumption of the material and working hours.Compact unit reasonable spatial layout, improve the flexibility of ground based.

    2, flexible mobile crushing mobility broken mobile crushing station car high ground, body width less than the operating semi-trailer, small turning radius, is advantageous for the ordinary highway asphalt mixing station and easier for the broken ground rough bad road environment.Save time for quick in site.more
    The reasonable construction area, provides the whole crushing process more flexible space and the layout of the reasonable configuration.
    3, reduce material handling costs broken mobile crushing plant, capable of the material for the first line of the field broken, eliminating the material is transported from the scene and then crushing the middle part, which greatly reduces the cost of shipping materials. Another more extended set of broken material directly into the transport wagon bucket,
    Turn away from the scene to portable concrete mixing plant.
    4, the role of direct and effective integration of job series mobile crushing plant, can be used independently, but also can target customer process material type, product requirements and provide a more flexible process configuration to meet user mobile crushing, screening and other mobile requirements, the resulting organization,
    Logistics and transport more direct and effective, to reduce costs to maximize.
    Five, adaptable and flexible configuration of mini mobile batching plant crusher for crushing, fine crushing and screening system that can stand-alone group of independent operations, but also the composition of the system can be flexibly configured unit joint operations. Discharge hopper side out for screening material handling approach provides the flexibility to configure diverse, integrated unit
    In addition to the configuration of the diesel generators to power this unit, you can also configure the workflow system targeted to the joint power unit.