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The According To Determine Number Of Concrete Mixing Plant Cement Tank Used

Writer:Admin   Time:15/04/16

     Our basic concrete mixing plant are the configuration in the list contains three cement tank.But the user can choose according to their own demand, some user can use four cement tank, some two or even a user requirements.This configuration, we are all based on configuration, the more the user's requirements, reasonable and change the configuration.Do you have a few cement production line of concrete mixing station tank, its configuration is reasonable?

    Cement tank is stored aggregate concrete batch plant , decided to use one type of aggregate types determinants of several cans. Cement tank depends mainly on the number of affected bulk cement tank and site distance, aggregate species in two ways. Bulk cement plant named Incredibles distance from the site, such as bulk cement plant far away from the site, the site can not stop the production of concrete, it must be much more than a few cement silo storage of bulk cement in order to ensure normal production. Conversely, if a smaller number of cement tank, then the bulk of the cement to the site requirements of the smooth road is relatively high, in order to be able to and from the job does not affect the quotient mix production in a relatively short period of time. Concrete materials are mainly fly ash, cement, sand, stone, water, additives, then, depending on the model of the production of concrete, aggregate types used are different, if only with cement and fly ash, then at least choice of two cement tanks able to meet needs; if only the cement, then at least with only a cement tank to meet the needs.
    Bulk cement plant based on the distance, type of aggregate site to choose batching plant manufacturer cement tank before they can determine the normal production of goods gray.